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Third-Party Lawsuits


​          In New York, New Jersey, and virtually all other states, a person cannot sue his or her employer for injuries suffered while on the job.  Instead, the employer provides the injured             worker with wage replacement and medical benefits under the applicable workers' compensation law.  Thoughan employer cannot be sued for its negligence in causing a worker's             injuries, other parties, i.e., "third parties," can be sued for their negligence incausing the worker's injuries. 

          For example, while a union dockbuilder is working on a project to build a cruise ship pier, he is employed by a piledriving company to build the pier's footings, etc.  At the same               time, a group of workers employed by a steel erection company are delivering steel beams to the project.  The steel workers negligently secure a stack of beams, which collapses and       injures the dockbuilder.  In that example, theunion dockbuilder would be entitled to receive federal Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act benefits from his employer               while he was out of work, and he could also file a third-party lawsuit against the steel erection company for its negligence in causing his injuries.  


​          Third-party personal injury lawsuits are complex legal matters whose values can differ greatly depending upon how they are handled.  If you wereinjured on or near the water, your       potential case requires legal analysis under specialized state and federal laws and statutes such as the Jones Act,the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, the                   Limitation Act, and other related laws and statutes.  Your average personal injury lawfirm does not have much or even any experience handling cases brought under these ​                       specialized state and federal laws and statutes. 

          Thus, if you want to ensure that your case is handled properly, contact the experienced maritime personal injury attorneys at Gorden Giuliano & Associates.  We routinely represent      seamen and waterfront workers, and we know how to navigate the complicated state and federal laws andstatutes that govern injuries to sailors, vessel crew members,   ​                          longshoremen, dockbuilders, crane operators, and other people who work on ornear the navigable waters of the United States.

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